This is the first recipe in the M4NGRY series of recipes I am working on. Cream is a smooth Mango, RY4 Ice Cream. This recipe kicked off a brainstorm of ideas and thus the M4NGRY series was born.


This started as a Mango Ice Cream and I decided to sub JF RY4 Double in place of TFA Vanilla Swirl in the Ice Cream Trinity. It’s one of my higher percentage recipes, but I don’t mind in this case. I pushed some of the percentages a little higher than I normally would, because the first version was rather bland. I think I hit a good balance in this version, as nothing seems to overpower the others.

Steep: 12 days – Adjust WS-23 and/or add sweetener as desired.

#74 v2 M4NGRY Cream 

French Vanilla Ice Cream (Hangsen)0.50
Mango (Flavorah)4.00
RY4 Double (Jungle Flavors)3.50
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)6.00

Flavor total: 14.5%