Fairy’s Blood is the result of a true failed clone attempt. There is a local e-liquid company here in Albuquerque that has a Fairy’s Blood juice that I loved, before I started DIY. So, of course, it was an early DIY goal to clone that juice. Looking through my “failed” recipes, it looks like I attempted a clone in at least 6 different recipes, several of those with multiple versions. The creator of that Fairy’s Blood told me it consisted of strawberry, watermelon, and Bavarian cream.

It had become sort of an obsession to clone that juice, but none of the other recipes were actually named for their namesake. In September, I was trying to think of a new recipe and it was turning into another FB clone. I decided enough was enough and just named this one Fairy’s Blood. The first two versions of this were very different than v4 and more in line with how I remember the original juice. They were good, but I began to realize the sweetness and syrupy candy flavor from the original were the aspects missing from my recipes. I realized I would probably never try flavor percentages as high as the original may be and I may not even enjoy it the same as I did before anyway.


In revisioning what Fairy’s Blood should taste like, I decided to scrap the other watermelons and strawberries I had used before. I’m not a huge fan of INW Shisha Strawberry, but I also haven’t used it a lot. I decided this strawberry would be different enough from the OG, but also provide a kind of thicker mouthfeel than what I had tried before. The FLV Mango is really light, so it can attach to that strawberry, without really fighting with it and was the only new flavor added in v4. FLV Watermelon is really weak to me and I use it here to blend more than anything. I almost removed it from v4, but I decided to keep it and I feel like it does a good job as a blending tool. The WS-23 is optional, but I feel like it helps lift the fruits in the cream a bit more to preserve some boldness.

The cream in this recipe was difficult to nail down. Bavarian just seemed to muddy it all up, an ice cream (in v2) wiped out the boldness, so I knew I had to go lighter. FLV Sweet Cream, to me, is like 1 part heavy cream and 2-3 parts sweetened milk. It seemed to be the perfect weighted cream to pull it all together and I feel like it does that very well. I feel like any other cream at full strength would have distracted from the overall idea of the recipe. The creaminess is a bit more prevalent if you don’t add the WS-23.

#63 v4 Fairy’s Blood 

Mango (Flavorah)0.50
Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA)1.00
Sweet Cream (Flavorah)1.00
Watermelon (Flavorah)0.50
Flavor total: 3.25%