It’s been a busy work week, but it’s hump day, finally!

I worked on my FBS CFB Playoff prediction blog post today. I have it scheduled for the week before the semi-finals, but I got most of the article knocked out today. Not sure if I’ll have a popular prediction, but I also wouldn’t mind being wrong 😛

I’m testing a new RY4 recipe, this one with a peach. I’m on v2 and testing in a tank – CC Hive 28mm. I was hoping v2 would be the one, but it’s not quite there yet. I think I should probably do some more single flavor testing of Jungle Flavors RY4 Double. I don’t think I’ve found that “sweet” spot just yet. v2 is good, definitely vapable. It just isn’t “wow” yet. I just put a 3rd RY4 recipe in an RDA to test, but I haven’t vaped it yet. Don’t want to let the cat out of the bag on that one, but the v1 was very close.

I haven’t been able to mix anyone else’s recipes for a ROTW yet. I bookmarked a few recipes to mix up and then ATF went offline… I’ll probably get to them this weekend when I mix the next versions of some tests. They are all reviewed recipes that are supposed to be good, but I’d rather try them before I post them here. I don’t plan to just have one recipe a week, just a featured one, so hopefully I’ll have more to share soon. I do have some more older recipes, but they aren’t anything special and most of them are private on ELR.

I have declared the Time Stone (Infinity Stone Series) finished, I believe it’s v4. It’s a kind of funky profile, but it fits the green stone, so it works. I’ll be testing the other 5 as they steep over the next week. I have a feeling one of them will need one more tweak, but the others are smelling really good. Once they are all finished, then I plan to release them and I may do some kind of a contest for an Infinity Stone, which will be all of them mixed somehow. I haven’t been inspired to create that one yet, so it may be a cool thing to make it a community recipe.