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Last WP Post?

This past weekend I made some progress on Grazie! There are mainly 3 things to finish: SEO and Open Graph support/fixes; permission checks on some routes; form validations. There is also a small list of bugs, but nothing breaking, so I may let some of those slide for a bit. Amongst a few others, the […]

Grazie! News Update

I’ve been dealing with a cold and some other things, so I haven’t had a chance to get Grazie! deployment ready. I have also found a few issues and missing features, so I decided to wait until v0.3 or v0.4, instead what I initially called v0.1. The good news is it’ll be better, it just […]

Grazie!js v0.1 Coming Soon

I have some things left to test, but I feel like Grazie will be ready for this site soon. It’s definitely Alpha software, with plenty to clean up and plenty of missing features, but I like it so far. I haven’t had as much time lately to work on it, so it got pushed back […]

This should be one of my last posts using WordPress. I mostly worked on bug and styling fixes this weekend in Grazie!, trying to get some consistency in place with privilege checks and the light/dark modes. I’m not sure I’ll have notes completed before 1 March, which is fine, I can wait on those. I’d […]

I was able to get some more done on Grazie! this past weekend. Roles can now have privileges and there are working privilege checks (though not all of them are in place yet). I’m using CASL for privilege checks. Users can be assigned to Roles. User account settings can be managed by the user now, […]

I was able to get quite a bit of the admin dashboard in Grazie! set up this weekend. Roles, Role Users, and Privileges admin functions are there, as well as some bug fixes in other editors. Assuming I can make the 1 March launch date, over the next 4 weekends I have the current road […]

Grazie!js is coming along nicely. Some of the features so far include: I’ve mostly been working on the Dashboard lately, but most of the above features are more than partially complete. I have a few things I want to move into Settings, as they are currently hard-coded in a config file. I also need to […]

Sometime in February or March I plan to migrate this site to my Grazie! web application, if all goes according to plan. I’m not sure what all content I’ll be importing, if anything, but I may want to keep some of my how-to posts (I mostly posted them as reminders). It may be sooner, if […]


I’m announcing the development of Grazie!js. Grazie! (which is what I’ll probably call it casually) is a self-contained publishing application/content management system, using Remix and an SQLite database backend. It’s purpose is to provide an easy to use publishing platform that can be hosted cheaply, without the need for a separate database server or additional […]

About 3 weeks ago we released ATF v2.2, which had a bunch of bug fixes, added the ability to request/sell flavor shots, and a new sharing system. The sharing system currently only works with recipes, but allows you to see who has accessed a shared recipe through a share link and lets you share private […]