MixnJuice’s Flavor Book

PREFACE: I started mixing DIY juice in Feb 2019, so I am far from an expert. Flavors are also a very personal experience, so everyone is not going to agree with each other. That’s cool. The intent of this book is to provide information, facts as well as opinions. Please discern which is being presented and always seek to use it however it may be used. Inclusion of companies and brands does not constitute an endorsement, it’s just informational.

I am not especially great at creating flavor notes, but I assume it takes some practice and I’ll willing to try. What I am good at is finding information, so this section is mostly geared toward external information. If I have something to add then I will, but I’d rather let the more capable mixers provide the information and I just help you find it.

There are lots of resources for mixers to utilize, without wasting time and ingredients blindly creating a recipe. Most experienced mixers will tell you to just mix other people’s recipes. The problem with that is a lot of really popular recipes tend to have flavors that new mixers aren’t going to know they need. A lot of new mixers will be going in blind and simply pick random flavors they think they’ll like. A lot of experienced mixers will then tell them their flavors are horrible, buy X flavor instead. In the meantime, they have flavors, but not the ones they need.

The truth is: there are a lot of flavors that aren’t as good as others. That doesn’t mean they can’t be used, but more than likely, they won’t be listed in a recipe by an experienced mixer. My goal is to help you utilize the flavors you have, create good, basic recipes, and lead you to those better flavors.

There are several possible goals in DIY, but the goal is a tasty vape, so lets go there.

There are many of Flavor companies in existence. This is where we explore as many as I can find and give you as much information as possible.



There are many different places to find resources for DIY. You’ve probably found the most obvious, but I’m going to list them any way.

Community Resources


I don’t have a huge flavor stash, but I’ve used every flavor in it. This is where I collect as much information about my stash as possible.

My Flavors