Kryptonite became my second ADV recipe I created. I started on the idea shortly after I began working on Semi-Charmed Life and I finished them around the same time, although I did continue with test versions beyond version 4. My target for this recipe was an apple cream soda, which I tasted at a local restaurant. I didn’t know enough about layering flavors at the time, so instead it became a kind of abstract apple concoction.


CAP Double Apple is the main character of this story. It’s a dominant flavor and my first favorite apple flavor. In hindsight, I should have used some FA Pear to complement, but I didn’t know of that trick when I created this. I just knew I needed an apple and this was the best one I had.

The rest of this recipe is the base. TPA Bavarian Cream DX and CAP Sugar Cookie v2 are both light flavors, that I’ve never been able to get their intended use out of. The idea was to add a fluffy feel to the cream, but they really just all fall behind the apple and compliment it. The CAP Yellow Cake was intended to help the CAP Sugar Cookie v2 and it does, but I can’t explain how. This recipe without these 3 ingredients totally changes the profile, which I liked, so I stayed at version 4.

The CAP Double Apple needs a steep or it can have a throat hit. I suggest 1-2 weeks to steep, I don’t consider it vapable before a week.

Kryptonite #21 v4 

Bavarian Cream (DX) (TPA)2.00
Double Apple (CAP)5.00
Graham Cracker (FW)0.50
Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP)2.00
Yellow Cake (CAP)1.00
Flavor total: 10.5%