Semi-Charmed Life was one of my first all day vapes (ADV) that I came up with myself. The desired outcome was initially a strawberry mint lemonade. I also used this recipe to test how different ingredients progress and degrade over time, which is why this one went all the way to version 8 — I scrapped the last 2 versions, because v6 was so good. At one point it had TPA/TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and, I believe, it hit 10 total flavors at one time.

So far this is still one of my favorite recipes and I vape it quite often still. I’ve never considered it a perfect recipe, because obviously it never became a true strawberry mint lemonade. I learned a lot developing this recipe though, and I’m still proud of it as my first ADV.


TPA Strawberry Ripe is supposed to be the star of the show; it ended up at 6%, after bouncing above and below that in various editions. This particular flavor seems to fade during the steep and hangs on just enough to be a more prominent note.

WF Double Mint is the main accent, but it is a very stubborn co-star. I added the FA Lemon Sicily to attempt a coup, which it does early on, but by the time the steep is complete the Lemon fades. For this reason (and before I found longer-lasting lemons), I added FA Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed!) to push the citrus note a tad more into the steep. The mint stays pretty strong, even at such a low percentage.

CAP New York Cheesecake v2 is the base here, it is a little higher percentage than I’d probably use now (7 months after this last version), but it still carries the rest of this recipe quite well. The TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust), doesn’t really add much to this recipe. I left it because this version tastes good and it was better than v7 & 8, which did not include it.

Final Thoughts

I plan to revisit the strawberry mint lemonade, at some point. This recipe took 3 months to develop, so I grew a little tired of the concept by the time I declared it finished. If I created this recipe today, targeting its current profile, it would look quite differently. My flavor stash has grown to give me a lot more options. Overall, I give this recipe a 3/5, on my personal scale. It’s a pleasant vape that I can vape every day, as I did for a while until I found my second ADV.

Semi-Charmed Life #16 v6 

Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)0.50
Double Mint (SC) (WF)0.10
Lemon Sicily (Limone Sicilia) (FA)0.50
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA)0.25
New York Cheesecake v2 (CAP)6.00
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)6.00
Flavor total: 13.35%