My third ADV was created in June 2019. This recipe changed the way I develop recipes. Honey, Dew My Melons was when I realized how to layer flavors. I had been vaping a lot of single flavors, mostly testing them, but some because they were just good. I tested FLV Wild Melon and fell in love with it. I set out to create a recipe with it, but unlike my two previous ADVs, I didn’t try to think of the vape as one flavor. I looked at it in layers. I wanted FLV Wild Melon to be the main flavor, I wanted it to sit in a strawberry cream base, and I wanted to blend it all together. This was my very first 1-2-3-4-5 (%) recipe and it happened on accident. I was just plugging in the flavors in layers and when it was done, it went 1-5.

Also, this is the only version of this recipe I ever had to make. I tried to get some help from the diy_ejuice discord, but the only real help I got was coming up with the awesome name for it. The recipe never changed. I love it.


FLV Wild Melon is one of my favorite flavors, so I built this recipe around it. It is a mixture of melons, which gives different people different prominent notes. I taste watermelon and honey dew.

One of my favorite e-liquids is a strawberry, watermelon, bavarian cream blend (supposedly — I haven’t been able to clone it). I decided to try Wild Melon in such a blend, so that is where TPA Strawberry Ripe and TPA Bavarian Cream DX come in. At this point in my mixing experience, I had figured out DX generally stands for “Don’t Use”. Alas, it was my only bavarian cream at the time, so here it is. I added TPA Vanilla Swirl to help the base and I feel it does a good job with that layer of the recipe.

I used INW Cactus as a blending tool for this recipe. It is high enough that it does affect the flavor, but I love cactus and it does its job well here.

After Thoughts

At this point I had about 40 flavors in my stash, so I was still fairly restricted in my choices. I’m pretty sure I can remake this and get it below 10% total flavor now. I like it the way it is though, so I may not do that, just so I can say I nailed it on the first version 😉 I will probably attempt something in the future to replace this, because doubt I’ll buy anymore TPA anything DX.

Honey, Dew My Melons 

Bavarian Cream (DX) (TPA)4.00
Cactus (Kaktus) (INAWERA)1.00
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)5.00
Vanilla Swirl (TPA)2.00
Wild Melon (Flavorah)3.00
Flavor total: 15%

Substitutions: Any bavarian cream around 2-3% should work fine here. It wont be exactly the same, but it may be better.