I have never been a fan of tobacco vapes. Never. Never thought I would be. Hanging out in the diy_ejuice discord, I see a lot of people talk about tobacco flavors. So, during a recent sale, I picked up Jungle Flavors (JF) RY4 Double. I have other tobaccos on my to-buy list, but RY4 seemed like a good place to start. I have several RY4 recipes under development, so more to come. This first one I wanted to keep simple and highlight both apple and RY4.


Apple is a common flavor to use with RY4, so that was one of my first thoughts. I didn’t want an overly sweet apple, because I was concerned it would overpower or bring in off-notes. I picked FA Fuji, because it fit that category of flavor and would compliment another apple if I thought it was needed later. It’s just a pleasant apple flavor, without a lot of off-notes. I added FA Pear, because it tends to fill out apple flavors, which it does well here.

RY4 is one of the oldest flavors created for vaping. It provides a blend of caramel, vanilla, and tobacco. I chose JF RY4 Double, because that’s the only one I own (so far) 😛 It’s on Alfred’s List, which has never let me down. It’s a very smooth flavor, which isn’t at all difficult to work with.

Overall this has been one of the easiest recipes I’ve made, it’s really simple, but it has a nice full flavor. I tend to name my recipes after songs, this one is inspired by Bad Apples, by Guns n Roses. Steep for 7+ days

#75 v2 Bad Apples 

Fuji Apple (FA)2.00
Pear (FA)0.50
RY4 Double (Jungle Flavors)3.25
Flavor total: 5.75%