I’m attempting to push out more frequent content and do more writing, particularly focusing on DIY e-liquid, but also more code and opinion stuff.

I’ve been mixing new recipes a lot lately, to the point I don’t remember that last time I vaped the same thing more than a day or two in a row. They aren’t always perfect, but I believe I can probably do a weekly recipe post. I will likely do that post on Sundays, when I have a recipe to spotlight, or feature another recipe in the community if not.

I still have a backlog of recipes to add here, but not all of them are what I consider ADVs. Looking through my list of recipes, a lot of them are variations and not really unique. I would say the vast majority were just testing different accents and flavor percentages, so I likely won’t even put those here.

I like the idea of spotlighting other mixers’ recipes, so the weeks I can’t think of something new (or haven’t tested anything worthy), I may just mix someone else’s. My flavor stash has only recently grew to the point that is an option, which is also why I have about 25 recipes in development right now.

Regardless, I think a good weekly recipe and whatever else I have to blog about that week is a good start for content. I’ve taken some time off of other projects to rebuild here, so once I get back to those the content explosion will settle down some here.