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Favor CMS is coming along. I have a very basic default theme, I’ve named favorite, an initial database migration, and user sessions set up. The design fairly simple. There is a favor.js file that exports your default theme and site settings. I hope to move some of this to the database, eventually. The theme acts […]

Flavor CMS is beginning to shape into form. I also got lucky with my timing: just as I was beginning to set up Mantine, the developer released v7.0, which no longer uses Emotion engine. I’m very happy to use it with CSS, instead of CSS in JS, so I believe I’ll commit to keeping Mantine […]

Favor CMS

I’ve been working on an open source CMS, which I will use here and use for testing other project ideas. It’ll also be the proving ground for the BeSquishy SDK, before and after it is officially released. I had long considered just making some example projects that use the SDK and eventually build out a […]

My Thoughts on React Server-Side Versus ...

I have a case to demonstrate my view on modern hybrid SSR vs Client-Side web applications. The initial timeline is a bit murky, because there was some instability in the development team, but a team of 5 developers built a Single Page Application (SPA) with React and a Node.js GraphQL backend API in about a […]

It’s been a while since I posted…what’s new? We’ve been rebuilding on top of Remix. This gives us server-side rendering and an integrated API server, so we will continue to use GraphQL. I looked into perhaps dropping GraphQL, to query the database directly from Remix, but our GraphQL parsing engine pulls a ton of […]

Combine Multiple PDFs on Linux

Sometimes there is a need to combine multiple PDF files into a single document, but this feature isn’t as prevalent on Linux PDF programs. There is a simple command that can be ran to perform this task. pdfunite 1.pdf 2.pdf new.pdf Open a terminal from the folder where the PDF files exist. I named them […]

Disable Akonadi Server Autostart

openSUSE Tumbleweed includes Akonadi with it’s base KDE Plasma pattern. If you uninstall it, it will reinstall when all of the packages refresh (about 4 times a year). You can lock it, but then you may have some side effects. To disable Akonadi Server autostart, edit the file ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc This should work with any distro, […]

Trying to Learn from Reddit (and Twitter...

I’ve always been a fan of public APIs. I’m kinda a data junky. Data has meaning and can be given new meaning, be given context, be expanded into something else. Data can be powerful. It can also have a price. Reddit and Twitter recently put a price on theirs and it’s more than most can […]

The Social Network, work, continues

Now that ATF is relaunched, I’ve been trying to spend some of my free time working on BeSquishy and the other things involved with it. I decided to move away from Next.js, so yet another rebuild, but the good news is a lot of what I’ve done is mostly re-usable. I’m not gonna announce what […]

All The Flavors 2.0

On May 8th, the small dev team building the new (ATF) unleashed v2.0 onto the world. It’s been kind of a bumpy ride, but a success for the most part. I’ve mostly been the backend architect, building a Node.js powered GraphQL API, supported by PostgreSQL. I’m very happy with the API, but I feel […]