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The Wednesdays – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! While traveling I haven’t had a good internet connection, so I was doing a lot of coding just of what I had access to on my laptop. Ended up rewriting a good bit of the code for in node.js and React, with a backend using ArangoDB. I am really impressed with how […]

2019 FBS Playoffs

I’m starting this blog post super early, today is December 11, but you won’t see it until either December 18th or 25th. I want to pick apart each team as much as I can and pick the playoff winners, then the final champion. It’s a difficult year, in my opinion, because all of the teams […]

The Wednesdays

It’s been a busy work week, but it’s hump day, finally! I worked on my FBS CFB Playoff prediction blog post today. I have it scheduled for the week before the semi-finals, but I got most of the article knocked out today. Not sure if I’ll have a popular prediction, but I also wouldn’t mind […]