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Flavorah Candied Blueberry

Test 1 10 Jan 2023 Tested at: 1%, my flavor test was the first ever use on All the Flavors. Using: 30mm CCI Centurion v2, dual 5/6 wrapped fused clapton coils, 50 watts. Steep: 2 days Notes: This flavor, at 1%, tastes similar to Flavorah Blue Raz to me. It may be a little more […]

Flavorah Strawberry Lime

Test 1 8 – 9 Jan 2023 Tested at: 0.75%, which was the autofilled suggestion on All the Flavors. Using: 30mm CCI Centurion v2, dual 5/6 wrapped fused clapton coils, 50 watts. Steep: 0 – 0.25 days, testing began as a shake and vape. Notes: I’m vaping 60mL of this single flavor mix, currently about […]

Mantine Rich Text Editor

I’ve been using Mantine in one of my side projects and had the need for a rich text editor. At the time, Mantine used an editor component based on Quill.js, which I have had issues with in the past. I also, at the time, wanted to use Markdown for my storage format, I’ve recently decided […]

Mantine Responsive Tabs

I’ve been using Mantine for one of my side projects and came across this easy way to use the Theme hooks to help responsiveness. Lets say you are using something like Tabs and you want to have a vertical layout on a larger screen and a horizontal layout in a smaller screen. Unfortunately, the Tab […]

Linux 6.1 in openSUSE Tumbleweed

Early this morning Tumbleweed snapshot 20221222 came out with Kernel 6.1.0 and GCC 13. This is notable, to me, for two reasons, 1) it’s the first Linux Kernel using the Rust programming language (among the other languages it uses) and 2) I can’t remember the last time I saw the very first version of a […]

My New Social Network is Coming Soon

Open invite link will be here exclusively, read on for more info. For a very long time, I’ve been working on a social networking web site. I’ve actually launched it twice, but something has always come up and forced me to take it back down. One day I’ll tell the full story, but the newest […]

Fedora 37 – Day 11

I’m still using Fedora, but the roles have kind of flipped back and forth. I ended up coding more on openSUSE Tumbleweed and just using Fedora for casual things and to update it in the evenings. I thought maybe that would help me get used to Fedora a little better and, because of a reason […]

Fedora 37 – Day 2 – Notable Improvement

When I booted Fedora today it did some updates during the boot screen and then everything seemed to work fine. It was a night and day difference from yesterday. I’m not sure what the updates were. I ended up moving over to Tumbleweed to finish a git branch I had been working on there, toward […]

Fedora 37 – First Impressions

I spent the first full day of Fedora use setting up a few more of my dev tools, installing PostgreSQL, and actually working, when I could. I normally would set up a VM for PostgreSQL, but I’m running Fedora as my work OS, so I figured I’d just install it. One difference between my openSUSE […]

Fedora 37 Released

Yesterday, November 15, 2022, Fedora 37 was released, so I’m giving it a test drive. Everything about the installation went smoothly, it’s basically 3 steps. It doesn’t get much simpler. The crazy thing is there have been 30 releases since the first time I called Fedora home. It has been about 11 years since I’ve […]