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Mantine Rich Text Editor

I’ve been using Mantine in one of my side projects and had the need for a rich text editor. At the time, Mantine used an editor component based on Quill.js, which I have had issues with in the past. I also, at the time, wanted to use Markdown for my storage format, I’ve recently decided […]

Mantine Responsive Tabs

I’ve been using Mantine for one of my side projects and came across this easy way to use the Theme hooks to help responsiveness. Lets say you are using something like Tabs and you want to have a vertical layout on a larger screen and a horizontal layout in a smaller screen. Unfortunately, the Tab […]

SpectaQL GraphQL Documentation Generator

I have transitioned to using GraphQL APIs exclusively, including for the new ATF backend. REST APIs tend to be fairly simple to document, plus they have generators to help. GraphQL APIs are more verbose and more difficult to document, but they also have a few options for document generators. The one I have recently began […]

After about 6 months of off and on work, I’ve finally launched the new There are a few features I haven’t activated yet, either because they aren’t completely finished or they just aren’t needed. I’m also planning to add a message board and some other community-like features. It’s built using React in a single […]

2020 is AWESOME

Well, now that I have your attention… haha. I have been extremely busy the past few months. Unfortunately, I was forced to live on base at Kirtland AFB for most of March, all of April, and a couple of days into May. For some reason those 45ish days were so slow and grueling, I don’t […]

Transitional Site Changes

Since I’ve redone my blog, I’ve decided to organize it quite differently from the old site. The entire site is a blog, featuring different types of content, and I plan to showcase more hobbies and projects than I did before. Pages and menus will be changing quite a bit, as I add more types of […]


I’ve decided to relaunch my blog using WordPress, so I can focus more on content and less building here. I still want to eventually move back to something custom, but I may keep the WordPress backend and just build a frontend using Node.js. Or…who knows. I feel like making the blog into a project, takes […]