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Flavorah Candied Blueberry

Test 1 10 Jan 2023 Tested at: 1%, my flavor test was the first ever use on All the Flavors. Using: 30mm CCI Centurion v2, dual 5/6 wrapped fused clapton coils, 50 watts. Steep: 2 days Notes: This flavor, at 1%, tastes similar to Flavorah Blue Raz to me. It may be a little more […]

Flavorah Strawberry Lime

Test 1 8 – 9 Jan 2023 Tested at: 0.75%, which was the autofilled suggestion on All the Flavors. Using: 30mm CCI Centurion v2, dual 5/6 wrapped fused clapton coils, 50 watts. Steep: 0 – 0.25 days, testing began as a shake and vape. Notes: I’m vaping 60mL of this single flavor mix, currently about […]

Fairy’s Blood v4

Fairy’s Blood is the result of a true failed clone attempt. There is a local e-liquid company here in Albuquerque that has a Fairy’s Blood juice that I loved, before I started DIY. So, of course, it was an early DIY goal to clone that juice. Looking through my “failed” recipes, it looks like I […]

M4NGRY Cream v2

This is the first recipe in the M4NGRY series of recipes I am working on. Cream is a smooth Mango, RY4 Ice Cream. This recipe kicked off a brainstorm of ideas and thus the M4NGRY series was born. Notes This started as a Mango Ice Cream and I decided to sub JF RY4 Double in […]

Bad Apples v2

I have never been a fan of tobacco vapes. Never. Never thought I would be. Hanging out in the diy_ejuice discord, I see a lot of people talk about tobacco flavors. So, during a recent sale, I picked up Jungle Flavors (JF) RY4 Double. I have other tobaccos on my to-buy list, but RY4 seemed […]

Honey, Dew My Melons

My third ADV was created in June 2019. This recipe changed the way I develop recipes. Honey, Dew My Melons was when I realized how to layer flavors. I had been vaping a lot of single flavors, mostly testing them, but some because they were just good. I tested FLV Wild Melon and fell in […]

Kryptonite v4

Kryptonite became my second ADV recipe I created. I started on the idea shortly after I began working on Semi-Charmed Life and I finished them around the same time, although I did continue with test versions beyond version 4. My target for this recipe was an apple cream soda, which I tasted at a local […]

Semi-Charmed Life v6

Semi-Charmed Life was one of my first all day vapes (ADV) that I came up with myself. The desired outcome was initially a strawberry mint lemonade. I also used this recipe to test how different ingredients progress and degrade over time, which is why this one went all the way to version 8 — I […]

Flavor Book

I’ve added a page to the menu to my flavor book. It’s very much a work in progress, probably as long as I’m making e-liquid. I’m hoping to make a single place to point you to all of the other places 😉 Let me know if you have any requests or content ideas for the […]

Infinity Stones Series E-Liquid v4

Back in October 2019, I came up with a challenge for myself: create 6 entirely unique recipes based on the Infinity Stones from The Avengers (TM). The goal is to have a recipe series developed and ready to go by the time is live to the public. To make it more challenging, the recipes […]