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Fedora 37 – Day 11

I’m still using Fedora, but the roles have kind of flipped back and forth. I ended up coding more on openSUSE Tumbleweed and just using Fedora for casual things and to update it in the evenings. I thought maybe that would help me get used to Fedora a little better and, because of a reason […]

Fedora 37 – Day 2 – Notable Improvement

When I booted Fedora today it did some updates during the boot screen and then everything seemed to work fine. It was a night and day difference from yesterday. I’m not sure what the updates were. I ended up moving over to Tumbleweed to finish a git branch I had been working on there, toward […]

Fedora 37 – First Impressions

I spent the first full day of Fedora use setting up a few more of my dev tools, installing PostgreSQL, and actually working, when I could. I normally would set up a VM for PostgreSQL, but I’m running Fedora as my work OS, so I figured I’d just install it. One difference between my openSUSE […]

Fedora 37 Released

Yesterday, November 15, 2022, Fedora 37 was released, so I’m giving it a test drive. Everything about the installation went smoothly, it’s basically 3 steps. It doesn’t get much simpler. The crazy thing is there have been 30 releases since the first time I called Fedora home. It has been about 11 years since I’ve […]