This past weekend I made some progress on Grazie! There are mainly 3 things to finish: SEO and Open Graph support/fixes; permission checks on some routes; form validations. There is also a small list of bugs, but nothing breaking, so I may let some of those slide for a bit. Amongst a few others, the short list for a beta includes: search & filter functionality; component overrides from themes; site map generation; and dashboard overview pages (there is a limited admin overview, just not a user overview).

I’m tempted to add ArangoDB support so I can use Grazie! as a base for BeSquishy. It really works quite well, I just don’t know if I want to add the complexity of a Database Adapter layer (it currently uses the same queries and Prisma for both SQLite and PostgreSQL). Undecided, but I’ll probably just re-use some things from Grazie in BeSquishy. The other option is to just use PostgreSQL for BeSquishy, but some of the things it does are easier or possible because it uses ArangoDB.

I’m not sure if this will be the last WP post here. I may test on a subdomain for the initial deployment, which I’d announce here. On the other hand I may just change it over, as I don’t really get any traffic here anyway.