I spent most of this weekend updating Clay for BeSquishy to Mantine 7.1 and Remix 2.1. The Mantine changes were the biggest, but I did get through it ok. I feel a lot better about the combo, than I did when Mantine used Emotion – now all of the styling comes from SSR. Luckily, I was conservative with extra styling, so the vast majority has now moved to CSS modules, with minimum props or inline styling.

I’ve decided to make BeSquishy the priority, as it isn’t that far from a capable launch. I’m leaning toward having Favor CMS as a frontend client to BeSquishy, but I haven’t decided against it also being standalone. Currently it is standalone and I had intended to add BeSquishy client support. Another option is for Favor CMS to be the open source version of Clay (BeSquishy), as they share a lot of the same code for content, and do a separate BeSquishy client. It’s possible that it all becomes open source, if I can’t find a way to monetize BeSquishy. If I can’t hurt the big social networks with one site, then maybe a lot of sites can do it.