My thoughts during the game…mostly live.

1st Quarter

  • I’ve always been impressed with KJ Jefferson and he is trying today. Milroe reminds me of a less polished KJ and always has
  • Arkansas’ kicker is gonna be trouble if Bama lets them keep getting 3 every drive
  • Milroe is being Milroe. Love him, but he’s being too indecisive on short throws, waiting too long to run the ball, wont throw on the run.
  • TD BAMA! Milroe finally saw a deep ball and hit Prentiss in stride
  • Took a break to watch the solar eclipse…looked really cool

2nd Quarter

  • Finally a stop and punt, stop that FG streak by Arky
  • Indiana is leading Michigan…. 7-0
  • WHAT A CATCH – nice Burton!
  • Long passes opening up the running game….TD ALABAMA (14-6)
  • Nice coverage sack on KJ…another punt on defense
  • It feels like there have been more commercials than game time……
  • Nice to see Bama leading all 3 categories for once
  • Nice short pass…14 yards. Need more of those. It is frustrating Milroe only sees those throws if the route breaks his line of sight
  • Milroe to Niblack…TD BAMA (21-6)
  • Punt Arky Punt. Nice stop by the D
  • Nice run by Haynes, 1st down. I want to see him get an outside hand-off, he has really good vision.
  • 2 nice short passes by Milroe, keep ’em coming…then a sack :/ Milroe has to feel that collapse faster
  • Another sack. Milroe should have just ran up the middle, there was a hole and the line was collapsing. Same ole same ole. Punt
  • Looks like Arky just runs out the clock from here, 21-6 Bama at the half

Half time

  • Milroe has been sacked 4 times and 3 of those he should have been able to avoid. ESPN commentators say he’s not taking risks, I think he just doesn’t make decisions fast enough. Bryce Young would have been scrambling or taking it up the middle, but that’s probably an unfair comparison
  • I liked the outside short passes
  • I don’t like how Milroe stares down his receiver and doesn’t check down unless an open route breaks his line of sight
  • I know I’m critical of Milroe, I’m not sorry, he is more capable than he executes…I think
  • The defense is playing lights out. Some short passes on them early, but they are controlling the line of scrimmage and so far Arky is gonna be hard pressed to find a Player of the Game
  • Offensive line needs to step it up before Milroe gets hurt. I’m not a fan of this over-hyped line.
  • Fewer penalties so far this week…

3rd Quarter

  • Florida State just lost Travis (QB) to injury…
  • Short pass on first down…what?! Finally not a 1st down run up the middle
  • Punt (was getting some food, sounded like should have stuck to the run instead of those 2 deep shots through my headphones)
  • 1 pre-snap penalty so far (I think)…pretty sure it was crowd noise driven last week
  • Arky’s WRs have lost KJ’s confidence, 4th down / punt (nearly blocked…then a 71 yard punt!?)
  • Love Roydell…nice 1st down run up the middle, then Jam jams it on the counter for another 1st down, then Roydell, 80 yards on 3 plays…Reichard gets 3 more points
  • Finally called holding against Arky, took long enough, nice stop on 3rd…punt. Robinson has been on point today
  • 3 and out…? punt
  • KJ limping, taking a lot of hits, Arky needs to get a running game going (shhh). Arky’s first 1st down since the 1st quarter off a facemask penalty on Bama, which leads to another 1st on a screen…stahp
  • I hope Milroe was watching KJ’s scramble…that’s how you get out of sack/throw away. I shouldn’t have mentioned getting the running game going lol, my bad. TD Arky (24-13)
  • Bama needs a long drive and let the defense rest, they look winded

4th Quarter

  • Sack…. come on Milroe. Landan Jackson gunning for that Player of the Game title. Then Milroe almost throws a deep INT to, who knows. Not the drive we needed after that Arky TD
  • Need an INT here
  • KJ just man handled Arnold, breaks the tackle and completes a pass…lol dang it. TD Arky… (24-21) [2pt conversion]
  • It feels like the defense is doing a lot of standing around, not trying to bat down passes, not containing. Probably tired from 2 long drives and not much rest (thanks offense)
  • If Milroe can’t methodically manage this drive and eventually score, Arky may win this game
  • STOP RUSHING ON FIRST DOWN…when you run 9 times out of 10 on 1st down…they know you are gonna run the freaking ball on 1st down!
  • Freaking punt…
  • Nice to see Key get some action. He’s such a shut down coverage man, you just don’t hear his name much (too bad on the face mask penalty, i don’t agree with the commentators…the defense was tired at that point and the offense is doing nothing to help them)
  • Arky being too conservative, trying to kill time. I know they don’t want to take the lead and give Bama time, but you can’t play conservative against this D. I’ll take it. Punt.
  • Bama is really missing a good kick-off/punt return game. Every championship team from Bama has had a good return game.
  • Run on first down again…no gain. Saban is pissed, calls a timeout. This has to be 4 down territory, can’t put the defense back on the field. Milroe finally takes a run, but he waited about 5 secs longer than he should. AND A FREAKING PRE-SNAP PENALTY… 1st down…and 15 (!!)…run the ball for no gain. Just throw a screen or run a jet sweep, something different than up the middle on 1st down. Damn. Nice throw for a 1st down, perfect throw, and a short pass, which hasn’t been Milroe’s strength. 1st down, oh, lets run up the middle for no gain…
  • Milroe needs to at least get us a FG and under a minute left.
  • Taking a knee…..false start. WHAT?! This offense is…something.
  • It’s a win, 200th for Saban at Bama, but yikes.

After thoughts:

  • Milroe had about 200 yards passing in the first half, ended 10 of 21 for 238 yards. That’s not gonna beat LSU, Tenn, UGA…probably not even Auburn
  • Another game without a 100 yard rusher
  • Another game without a 100 yard receiver
  • Bama held to 3 points in the 2nd half
  • When the offense starts struggling, they get pre-snap penalties and stop taking shots downfield
  • I like Rees, but the play calling is super simple and getting very predictive. I don’t know how much of that is to compensate for a young QB, but a good defensive team is gonna shut it down.
  • The rushing on 1st down at least needs some variation, it’s too predictable, it’s basically taking away a down for no gain.
  • I want to like Milroe and he can take credit for this win, rightfully, but it would have been his fault if it was a loss.