Mantine has released version 7.1, which has helped me a lot lately. It adds CSS layer support, a renderRoot prop to components, along with some style attribute and form improvements. It is also now fully compatible with Remix v2 and has better ESM support.

Favor CMS has been coming along nicely. It’s semi-usable now as a single user platform, although still very limited in functionality. I wouldn’t use it yet for a production site (obviously, it’s not here yet). I’ve still only had time to work on it during the weekends, minus a few minutes tonight – I upgraded Mantine and Remix, which allowed me re-enable full ESM support. I’m currently working on a branch for Blocks and Block Groups, which may evolve a bit from my original ideas. These are the old style CMS blocks, which are just content blocks you can place on the page, like a configurable menu or a block of HTML.

After Blocks (or when I can comfortably take a break from Blocks), I’ll be working on Roles/Permissions and Comments. That should be sufficient to go live here with, so I’ll probably call it an alpha version at that point and begin using it. A few features and tweaks after that should bring about the beta, then I’ll tag a release, but there’s still some likelihood of major changes even after that. Can’t wait to begin using it 🙂