I almost went ahead and swapped to my unfinished CMS this week. My host has been terrible lately and I’m ready to dump them. It’s supposed to be a managed service, but they let my SSL certificate expire and then their dashboard wouldn’t even let me replace it, because it didn’t think it was expired. Support never answered, so I just had to wait until it finally dropped the old certificate. They closed the ticket after I fixed it.

The site has been slow lately and it’s not just this site, the other sites I host with them have had a few support messages about slow performance. I’m ready to drop them. I’ve used them for at least 10 years, so I had planned to keep it for things other than this site, but now I’m leaning toward moving it all to my other hosting.

I wont call them out, unless I do move everything. I should, but I wont. Ready to move on, not just from WordPress, but all of this. Once my services are online, I may give their customers a discount just to swap to me.