Flavor CMS is beginning to shape into form. I also got lucky with my timing: just as I was beginning to set up Mantine, the developer released v7.0, which no longer uses Emotion engine. I’m very happy to use it with CSS, instead of CSS in JS, so I believe I’ll commit to keeping Mantine for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that’ll provide some stability for long term use.

My next steps are to build out a default theme and some initial database migrations for basic functionality. The default theme will be fairly basic and I plan to keep default templates fairly basic as well. The intention is to allow you to override the styling from CSS or override the template for full customization. I haven’t decided exactly how to do all of that, but I’m hoping to allow as much customization without having to change the core CMS, to allow easy upgrades without overwriting your changes.

For database migrations, I’m using a modified version of my arangrate package, which will be built-in directly. I also plan to have some export tools to migrate from other CMS’ and import tools for those, as well as for development test data.