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KDE Wayland; New Blog Platform

It’s been about a month since I started using KDE Wayland and it’s been perfect. Not a single issue. I see no need to switch back to X11, really, it’s been that good.

I have 2 open source blog platforms in the works. The first is a standalone platform, using SQLite and Next.js. It’s super fast and supports both server-side rendering and static rendering. The 2nd uses the BeSquishy API, under development, and, currently, is only server-side rendering. The latter allows you to build custom pages and content types, while the standalone system is purely a dynamically customizable articles publishing platform. Both use Mantine by default, but I plan to add Tailwind support and a builtin SASS framework, optionally.

The BeSquishy API and website are currently on hold, but mostly finished. I need to flesh out a few things on the GraphQL backend, but most of the UI and REST API and complete. I’m currently in a final stretch of another big project, so I’ve had to put BeSquishy on the back burner for a bit.

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