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Is KDE Plasma 5 Wayland-ready?

I try KDE with Wayland from time to time. I think I’ve even blogged about it, maybe? This morning I wasn’t feeling good and a guy on Reddit was looking for some help troubleshooting a Plasma Shell crash on Wayland, so I decided to take a break and help him. Rebooted, switched over to KDE Wayland, and logged in. About 2 hours later, maybe 10:00, I had forgotten I was even using Wayland. I just kept working and everything seemed to work fine.

It’s been a month or so since I tried KDE with Wayland, maybe even longer. There is always one of two places it breaks for me, either in a game: I lose mouse control or it’s like my mouse loses the Y axis; or the overall system seems to begin bogging down: animations get slow, tooltips seem to freeze, things like that. It’s now been over 12 hours of KDE Wayland use and I’ve seen one issue and I don’t even think it’s Wayland’s fault: Reddit’s crappy Markdown editor goes into read-only mode or something and the whole page freezes. Well, sorry Reddit, you’re not worth me not using Wayland, if that’s the only issue. I’m building your potential replacement, anyway.

I haven’t tracked KDE development the past few months, so I don’t know what Wayland updates have come out. I did read recently they are hoping to make Wayland the default, over X11, with KDE Plasma 6.1. I’m beginning to think they should. This has been the best Wayland experience I’ve had so far, even counting my trials with Gnome and Sway. So, is KDE really Wayland-ready? I’ll give it a try until I found a deal breaker, but so far, I’m beginning to think it is.

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