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Flavorah Candied Blueberry

Test 1

10 Jan 2023

Tested at: 1%, my flavor test was the first ever use on All the Flavors.

Using: 30mm CCI Centurion v2, dual 5/6 wrapped fused clapton coils, 50 watts.

Steep: 2 days

Notes: This flavor, at 1%, tastes similar to Flavorah Blue Raz to me. It may be a little more tart than Blue Raz, which tells me I probably don’t have the usage percentage right yet. For comparison, I use Blue Raz at 2% as a single flavor recipe. I don’t get a lot of sweetness, so I’m thinking it should probably be closer to 2% as well. At 1%, I think Candied Blueberry may be good in a pastry, cookie, or maybe with a cream. It could be good with sweeter or softer fruit flavors, like an apple or pear. I’d be reluctant to mix it with another blueberry at this percentage.

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