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Flavorah Strawberry Lime

Test 1

8 – 9 Jan 2023

Tested at: 0.75%, which was the autofilled suggestion on All the Flavors.

Using: 30mm CCI Centurion v2, dual 5/6 wrapped fused clapton coils, 50 watts.

Steep: 0 – 0.25 days, testing began as a shake and vape.

Notes: I’m vaping 60mL of this single flavor mix, currently about 20mL into the bottle. I has a little sweetness to it, more than I expected, for whatever reason. The Lime is definitely more prominent at this percentage, but there is a hint a strawberry. I’m torn whether I want to try it at a higher or lower percentage next. I feel like it may need to go down, as higher seems like it would just make the lime stronger. It’s a good flavor, would be good at this percentage with a cream or bakery, maybe with an additional strawberry flavor. Needs more testing, probably at 0.5% and 1%. The strawberry may just be weaker than the lime.

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