Open invite link will be here exclusively, read on for more info.

For a very long time, I’ve been working on a social networking web site. I’ve actually launched it twice, but something has always come up and forced me to take it back down. One day I’ll tell the full story, but the newest iteration is going into a private alpha testing in January 2023. I haven’t picked a specific date yet, but I’m currently aiming for mid January and then 30 days later it’ll hopefully be open for a public beta. The plan is to have 10 users for my private alpha testing/fixes, then each user will get 5 invites 2 weeks in, then hopefully the open beta a month after the initial alpha testing begins.

I’m mentioning it here, because I also plan to have an open invite link here that allows anyone to sign up for the 2nd phase of the alpha test (2nd 2 weeks). If there are issues, the beta will initially be invite only, but the link here will still work.

Once I’ve locked in a date, I will post more here.