I’m still using Fedora, but the roles have kind of flipped back and forth. I ended up coding more on openSUSE Tumbleweed and just using Fedora for casual things and to update it in the evenings. I thought maybe that would help me get used to Fedora a little better and, because of a reason I’ll mention later, didn’t start out intentional. When I’m coding I am just coding, I could do it in anything, more or less. Doing other things like browsing, watching Netflix, paying bills, working with files, that stuff actually tells me how things are working. The updates since the initial install seem to have fixed any issues, it runs really well. I still haven’t tried to play any games on Fedora yet, I may try that this weekend though.

One of the reasons for the flip to using openSUSE during the day is actually quite annoying. For some reason Fedora won’t show up in Tumbleweed’s boot menu and Tumbleweed won’t show up in Fedora’s boot menu. That means I have to enter my EFI boot menu and choose Fedora (as I still want Tumbleweed to be my default). I shutdown my computer every night and turn it on in the morning while I’m getting ready. Most of the time I just forget about this, until I see the Tumbleweed boot menu, which is too late. My computer boots into Tumbleweed, I sit down a little while later, and start working. Sometimes I need to start in Tumbleweed anyway, for a code branch or something that hasn’t been copied to my shared drive yet. Ah yes, also, for some reason, I can’t access my Tumbleweed home folder from Fedora, but I can access my Fedora home folder from Tumbleweed. Still haven’t figured that one out either.

Overall, I’m happy having both Tumbleweed and Fedora installed and may keep Fedora in the mix, for a while. It’s nice to have a spare OS, especially when they are similar, but set up differently, with different desktop environments. As a former distro hopper, a change a scenery may help scratch that it, as needed. It would be nice if I could access them from the same boot menu though.