As I slowly build up the headless CMS as a service, I’m replacing some of the legacy services for sites I’ve built over the years. One of those services is a Zillow API connector, which recently stopped working (even though their API wasn’t supposed to be replaced for another month). The new Zillow API connector will be built into an API I call Team Sync. Team Sync allows companies to build teams and connect to industry APIs to display external content within their web sites, among other marketing rich interfaces. It also allows a team to create custom content, personalize external sources, and manage team composition in a single dashboard. Furthermore, each member of the team can use the API for personalized professional content. One of the more exciting features for developers will be the ability to use the GraphQL API within the Team Sync API to query other APIs, which often only support REST. Finally, Team Sync will have a companion marketing API, which will be discussed in some detail later. These two will combine to power the primary ad network and provide strategic advantages to companies using my headless CMS to power their online content and social presence.