In addition to the DataObjects API, my upcoming headless CMS will also feature a simpler API for building different content types with the Articles API. Articles will have pre-defined fields that are optional for creating Article Types. A Type can be anything from a blog to an image gallery to simple pages. Article Types will also double as an Object Type, which means they can be extendable using the DataObjects API.

I’ve only been working on the CMS on the weekends, when I have time. It’s not nearly close to complete. I plan to make it a full featured CMS, supporting anything any other CMS would come with. These content types (DataObjects and Articles) are the building blocks to achieve that. Eventually, I plan to build a social network on an instance of the CMS. I also plan for it to replace the backend for all of my other sites. It will be an open API, so others will be able to build backends with the API, potentially with a mix of free and commercial uses.