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Splitgate on Linux

I’ve been playing the FPS game Splitgate on Linux the past few months. It is a really fun, Halo-style game and it’s free to play on Steam. There is also a decent reddit community at r/Splitgate. Overall it runs really well, but over time some issues are beginning to bother me, so I’m trying to figure out how to fix them. I think starting out, they didn’t bother me as much, but as I get better they are having more affect on my performance.

Splitgate has a user configuration file: ~/.config/Epic/PortalWars/Saved/Config/GameUserSettings.ini

Button Focus Shifts Up

If I click outside of the game, click inside the Steam Overlay, minimize the game, etc., buttons will lose their ability to be clicked in their bottom half. Someone on reddit pointed out the space is the same size as the task bar, which seems to be true. I’ve tried these settings and they appear to have fixed the issue most of the time:



There is also an issue where if I move the mouse too quickly, it will move outside of the game. This will either freeze my mouse movement in the game or cause the game to minimize, which also caused the above issue to happen. Setting FullscreenMode=0 also seems to have mostly fixed this issue as well. It still happens if I spin around suddenly or do a crazy movement, but it doesn’t seem to happen as often.

Splitgate is on Steam, Playstation, and XBox. Check it out and, if you play on Linux, let me know if you’ve used these or found any fixes for these issues.

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  1. David Dyess II

    Oddly, while this configuration works well on openSUSE Tumbleweed, it doesn’t work as well on Arch. I’m not sure why. This setting works better on Arch:


    Overall, I think it runs better on Arch too.

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