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The Saturdays

I didn’t get the FBS CFB Playoff scores right, but I was pretty close. I don’t think anyone saw LSU putting 49 points on Oklahoma in the first half. I did at least pick the winners though. This next week I’ll write up a blog for the championship game…

I’ve been working on an online Bible project, which is a rebuild of the one I have on I finally got it functional, so when I return from my trip I’ll be setting it up on a new server. It uses React for the frontend and the backend runs on ArangoDB, using a Foxx service. Once it’s online, I’ll be doing a write up about it and sharing the source code behind it, including the data files and Foxx service.

I plan to do a lot with ArangoDB in the near future. I feel like it hasn’t had enough visibility and it is a really good database, plus it allows you to build custom API servers/services within the database. I built a Bible application using it in less than a week, working on it an hour or so a day in my free time. I don’t remember how long it took to build it in Clay, but I know it was longer than a week. I’m fairly certain it took the better part of a month to build the old one.

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