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The Mondays

I haven’t been feeling well, so not a lot to report. I did publish the beginning of the Flavor Brands and Flavor Vendors pages in the Flavor Book. I enabled comments on that page, so please suggest updates if you have any. I will work on filling the Flavor Book pages out, but it will take some time. I will likely spend the rest of my time tonight working on the Community Resources page, which isn’t published at this moment (yet).

I finally was able to mix some liquid; I also mixed some recipes by ID10-T and EdibleMalfunction. I’m not sure if I will get to try them before the New Year, so one or more of them will likely be featured as ROTW in January. I added some flavors to my to-buy list (which I will soon add here) so I could mix some others’ recipes. I will get those in January, after the holidays, unless I catch them in a sale.

This week’s The Wednesdays may be replaced by a blog about the CFB Playoffs. It’s scheduled for Wednesday and if I don’t have time for an entry, that’ll probably be it. I am also branching out into blogging about Linux and WebDev, so there will be some of those coming from time to time (starting Tuesday morning).

I hope everyone had a good weekend and an even better week!

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