I’ve already chosen my Recipe of the Week and it’s kind of a pleasant surprise. It’s a clone recipe I struggled with for a while and then decided to take it in my own direction. I decided to try it today and I like it a lot. Read about it Sunday in the ROTW post.

I’m looking for someone else’s recipe to use for next week’s ROTW. If anyone has a suggestion, please comment or let me know somehow. I plan to mix up 2 or 3 to pick from, that may assist with a future pick as well. I have some recipes steeping that I have high hopes for, but I don’t want to only feature my recipes.

I’ve been working on the Flavor Book, but most of it hasn’t been published. It’ll take some time to build it up, but I hope to have a new section published in time for The Wednesdays post. It’s looking like it may be a good week, but I also have a lot of coding to catch up on, so I may not get to do a lot of recipe development. I’m trying to get in the right mindset for a couple of days of heavy coding toward the mixnjuice website. Hope everyone has a good week!