Back in October 2019, I came up with a challenge for myself: create 6 entirely unique recipes based on the Infinity Stones from The Avengers (TM). The goal is to have a recipe series developed and ready to go by the time is live to the public. To make it more challenging, the recipes have to embody the stone color for each stone, no recipe can have the same ingredient as another, and no recipe can have fewer than four flavors. I decided to use the newer colors and the primary ingredient(s) or “notes” have to somehow represent that stone’s color.

I’ll post updates to this as I get closer to perfecting these recipes and will include full notes at that time. The notes right now are just a sort of back story and description.

Mind Stone

When I tried to think of a “yellow” flavor, lemon came to mind…no pun intended(?) This recipe was a casualty of me adding the single ingredient restriction and was very tasty at v2, but had INW Biscuit, which had also been introduced in the Reality Stone recipe. I substituted CAP Cake Batter in the place of Biscuit in v3, which I have yet to test. v2 was delicious though…

My goal for the Mind Stone is a lemon meringue pie and carries the highest flavor percentage (so far), narrowly edging out the Soul Stone.

Mind Stone (Yellow) v3

Cake Batter (CAP)0.25
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)1.00
Lemon Sicily (Limone Sicilia) (FA)1.50
Lemonade (LA)3.00
Meringue (FA)1.00
Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah)2.00

Flavor total: 8.75%

Power Stone

Purple is the color and I decided the main note needed to be a blackberry, so I picked FLV Boysenberry to carry that. INW Biscuit was also in this recipe, but I replaced it with CAP Sugar Cookie. When I started out working on this one, I was picturing a blackberry cake with a crumbly cookie crust.

Power Stone (Purple) v4

Boysenberry (Flavorah)2.25
Graham Cracker (FW)1.00
Sugar Cookie (CAP)1.00
Yellow Cake (Jungle Flavors)3.50

Flavor total: 7.75%

Reality Stone

This recipe is a collaboration between /u/tesladelmar and myself. I only recently acquired all of the ingredients, so I have yet to try this one, but it is currently steeping. It is intended to be an apple danish.

Reality Stone (Red) v2

Apple Filling (Flavorah)1.25
Biscuit (INAWERA)0.75
Cinnamon Danish Swirl v1 (CAP)0.75
Double Apple (CAP)1.00
Fuji Apple (FA)1.20
Red Apple (Flavorah)1.20

Flavor total: 6.15%

Soul Stone

This recipe has been completely different for all three versions. I wanted to stay away from the traditional “orange” flavor and go with Mango instead. It’s gone from a chocolate mango candy, to a mango sports drink, to a mango cream. I liked the chocolate mango, but it felt like one of those profiles very few people would like, so I will eventually develop and release that as a separate recipe.

Soul Stone (Orange) v3 

Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA)1.00
Mango (Flavorah)3.00
RY4 Double (Jungle Flavors)3.25
Sweet Cream (Flavorah)1.00

Flavor total: 8.25%

Space Stone

I waited until last to begin developing “blue”. There are tons of recipes out there that could have been used here, so I had to come up with something unique. Just because this is blueberry, I feel a lot of pressure to get this one right. I decided this one needed to be a sweet frosted blueberry cupcake.

Space Stone (Blue) v1 

Bilberry (Mirtillo) (FA)0.25
Blueberry (FW)1.00
Blueberry Extra (TPA)1.50
Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (VTA)1.50
Vanilla Cupcake (CAP)2.50

Flavor total: 6.75%

Time Stone

“Green” isn’t normally a flavor I attempt. I like using all of the flavors in this as accents, but I’ve never tried to make them the stars. I originally had the idea to do a fruity green tea for this recipe and I liked it a lot, I really did. Unfortunately the aroma was, well, not as pleasant as the vape. I decided something abstract would likely be more appropriate for “green” thank anything else, while still carrying the tune we are looking for. This one has changed a lot through out its revisions, as well, but I’m hoping this one will be the one. Time Stone is the abstract flavor of the series and not intended to taste like anything else.

Time Stone (Green) v4 

Cucumber (TPA)1.00
Kiwi (Double) (TPA)1.00
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA)0.50
Watermelon (Flavorah)1.00
Yakima Hops (Flavorah)0.50

Flavor total: 4.25%